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What is Stewardship?

At the First Presbyterian Church of New Vernon, Stewardship is more than simply our yearly campaign to raise money to support the ministry of the Church.  The Church leadership believes strongly that members should be encouraged and welcomed to give of their time and talents and well as financial resources.  The Session would like to see more involvement of the congregation in Session Committees including Worship and Music, Congregational Life, Christian Education, Finance, Administration, Membership, Community Relations, Buildings and Grounds, Personnel and Nominating.

2011-2012 We're On A Roll! Stewarship Campaign

Over the past year, the First Presbyterian Church of New Vernon has been On A Roll!, the theme of our 2012 Stewarship Campaign.  Under the caring leadership of Pastor Rick Sweeney, our church family has come together to worship God and participate in a variety of activities, including Christian Education programs, outreach efforts, and social events.  In order to plan for and meet our spiritual and financial goals for the coming year, we are asking every member to make a pledge now to the 2012 campaign.

In a difficult economic climate and despite ression's efforts to control costs and increase revenues, the Church has run an operating deficit for the past several years.  This situation cannot continue indfinitely without impacting important programs.  Please review the attached brochure that outlines our sources and uses of funds during 2011.

Every member is also "on a roll" of another kind - the church rolls, and with membership comes the responsibility to support our church financially.  Our campaign goal for 2012 is $455,000, which is 5% more than pledges received in 2011.  We are asking all members not only to pledge but also to consider increasing their pledge by at least 5% over last year's in order to help close the funding gap.

Jesus said, "Give and it will be given to you."  We can all experience the joy of giving according to God's word and Christ's example.  Your support today is needed to help keep our Church "On A Roll!" in 2012.


Tom MacCowatt
Stewardship Chair


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