Special Lenten Project:  The Blackboard

Last year, when you entered Fellowship Hall during the Lenten season, you saw that the stage had been transformed into a giant blackboard. This special Lenten project was created so that the entire congregation and community could participate. For six weeks, we used the blackboard to communicate to each other our prayers, hopes, fears, and joys. This included personal, community-minded, and global concerns.
Everyone was invited to come to Fellowship Hall, sit for a minute, and look at the prayer concerns of their fellow congregants. They were asked to then pick up a piece of chalk and write down their own concerns. The walls were wiped clean every Sunday afternoon so that we could begin each week with a “clean slate.”

Why did we do this? We are actively looking for ways to help the congregation be more connected. By taking each others’ prayers into our minds and hearts, we are working to create a renewed source of spiritual power here at the crossroads.