What Is the Work of the Deacons?


Much of the work of a Deacon is done behind the scenes. The Deacons are responsible for:

    • Making sure that everything is ready for communion and cleaned up afterwards
    • Delivering flowers with a short visit to people who are ill, have lost a loved one, or have other special needs
    • Managing the Persons In Need (PIN) Fund
    • Preparing and serving the Easter Breakfast
    • Providing emergency drivers for doctor visits and treatments
    • Arranging for Coffee Hour Hosts
    • Supporting the pastor in serving communion to shut-ins

Are There Volunteer Opportunities?

      • Serving as Coffee Hour hosts on Sundays

Would You Like To Serve As A Deacon?

Each year some Deacons rotate off the board per our bylaws.  If you are interested in learning how you can serve in this important work in the life of our church, call the Church Office or talk to any member of the Board of Deacons.