FPCNV Speaker Series

This year our speaker series has gone virtual. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of talks for our members and community to enjoy! Links to view presentations are below.

Doug Simon:

The Changing Nature of War

We are living in the time of a global paradigm shift, one as powerful as the Advent of Movable Type, and the Industrial Revolution. We are now in the Dawning of the Digital Age, or Cyberworld. With each paradigm shift, there are profound impacts on the way we interact as human beings...and how we violently confront each other. This presentation focuses on the changing nature of war.

Suzie Carpenter:

Finding the Bright Side

Determined to improve her family’s health and happiness, she became a pioneer in the grain-free movement; her family all learned the value of better-for-you ingredients. Suzie became her daughter’s partner on the journey to healthier eating. Together they discovered the power of love and the challenge to overcome autism. Daughter Kelly’s positive outlook is an inspiration to young adults on the spectrum as well as many others.

Matt Myers:
The Art 
and Pleasure of Beekeeping

Bees and their declining numbers worldwide have been very much in the news. This introduction to beekeeping covers the essentials of the lively hobby that has kept Matt fascinated for many years. When not tending to the hives, he has practiced as a criminal defense attorney for 30 years.

HomeBase: Adapting in a Pandemic

Join Jennifer Santori, founder of HomeBase, as she tells her transformative story of successful corporate leader turned novice mother of two, turned striving entrepreneur working to build community, change parenting paradigms, and redefine self-care for family members. HomeBase is a local business offering parent support, education and mindfulness/wellness programs to help individuals and couples crate a nurturing, safe, and love-filled home in which to raise their families.

View Jennifer's Presentation Here
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